My sleep and keeping an eye on baby

If you are reading this article you are probably a new mom or a mom-to-be. The experience of being a mother brings with it new charms, fun, and exciting things. It is the most beautiful feeling but not everything associated with motherhood is as beautiful as you might think. 

Young babies need extra protection and nursing during the first few years. At the time, when I had a preschooler and was pregnant with my second baby, I always wonder if I can find a way to monitor my baby while he sleeps. 

I was in constant search of a musical device that must have a camera attached to it so I can use it with the modern technology to keep an eye on my little champ. I have found many baby monitoring devices but they don’t allow me to monitor my baby from afar. 

After all the unsuccessful struggle of searching for a perfect baby monitoring device, I decided to create one without any external help. I design TEBEBEAR, the teddy bear that proves to be a perfect sleep aid for my baby. The baby monitoring teddy bear makes my life much easier and cost-effective. 

How I created TEBEBEAR 

Before creating this sleeping aid plush toy, I have researched on baby nursing and how babies’ brains work. From the research, I have reached to a point that Young babies that experience a rhythmic music pattern have an improved capability to detect and predict about rhythmic patterns in speech. 

This leads to a global conclusion that if babies are engaged in musical experience during early years of development, they can have polished cognitive skills. The newly born babies experience a very complex world in which every sound, light, and sensations vary continuously.

The babies need to perceive different patterns, as it is an important cognitive skill and has a positive effect on the baby’s learning skills. 

Features of TEBEBEAR 

TEBEBEAR is the best sleeping aid for your young baby and will help you to make your baby sleep faster. It is a rechargeable device that has a removable cord. TEBEBEAR has the following features to help you to monitor your sleeping baby: 

The soft red night light 

The TEBEBEAR, the teddy bear has a soft red night light, so it won’t disturb your baby and your baby will have a soothing, calming, and familiar environment. The light will also not interfere with the circadian rhythm and melatonin production. 


It is a portable device and you can also monitor your sleeping baby on a mobile device. It is the most secure device because it is also capable of motion detection. 

The best part about this monitoring device is its detachable WiFi infrared camera. The camera can be used with the help of a free app that is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems. You can operate the app on four devices at a time. 

The camera has a 150-degree wide-angle that captures most of the surrounding area. It can be removed from the teddy bear and can be placed anywhere for other uses. 

Soft background music

The teddy bear plays soft background music that will help your child to sleep comfortably and wake up fresh and active. 

It is a soft plush toy and it can play six different soothing playbacks that can be operated with a single button. The sounds can be programmed by pressing the feet and hands of the Teddy Bear. 

The rhythmic music patterns enable your child to understand the differences in rhythmic speech. It will also help your child to learn to speak quickly.