About Us

As a stay-at-home mother of two young children, and as someone who is passionate about babies, about parents having a good night’s rest and about the overall happiness of babies, I started the development of Tebebear - a company I founded on the values of assisting new parents in parenthood, with a product that is yet to be on the market.

The product came about when I was searching for a teddy bear with a camera that I could use whilst I was away from my baby or close to my baby. When I found there was nothing like this on the market, I created and designed the product and put it to manufacturing. Now, it has been certified to Australian standards.

Tebebear sleep aid helps babies sleep as they enjoy listening to soft lullabies and sounds. This helps them sleep for longer, so it helps parents get the good night’s rest they deserve. The Velcro strap makes Tebebear portable, so you can take it anywhere whilst viewing your baby on a smartphone device/iPad/tablet.