Zoom TEBEBEAR Sleep Aid
Zoom TEBEBEAR Sleep Aid
Zoom TEBEBEAR Sleep Aid
Zoom TEBEBEAR Sleep Aid
Zoom TEBEBEAR Sleep Aid



The TEBEBEAR, Teddy Bear is unique as it helps parents settle there baby to sleep.

The teddy bear helps infant sleep with soft music playing in the background, whilst watching them on their devices mobile device.

The Teddy Bear is a cute plush design that provides baby with six different musical sounds, that can be programmed simply by a push of a button. 

TEBEBEAR also has includes a detachable WiFi infrared camera that's easy to use via an easy to use app, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Six different musical melody 

  • Lullaby 
  • shusher
  • Brahm
  • White 
  • Womb
  • Rockabye
All Sounds are operated by the Teddy Bears feet and hands which you press. Each different musical melody can be programmed to last for 30 minutes, otherwise, a single melody lasts for a few minutes.

Glowy Red led light button to soothes the baby to sleep

Velcro loop to secure the teddy bear also making the teddy bear portable.

The camera is for closely monitoring your baby by downloading the qr code, which is android and ios friendly and can be viewed by four people at a time.

With infrared capabilities, up to four people with access to the qr code can watch the baby at night, we have also included motion detection within our camera.

One hour video recording, our Camera can be recharged via a removable cable.

The infrared camera can be removed from Teddy Bear and simply placed elsewhere.

150-degree wide-angle, capturing a lot more than other cameras.

The infrared camera is also wifi enabled.